What is RECare?

Each winter, the cold facts are that a number of needy members of our Cooperative cannot afford to heat their homes. For this reason, Heartland Power Cooperative has established RECare, a consumer contribution fund in which members like you assist other members who need help in paying utility bills.

Where will my contribution go?

The money stays in our service area, with every dollar contributed to this fund being earmarked for disbursement to help low-income members pay winter heating bills and to assist with home weatherization costs.

How do I give?

It’s simple, if you have previously made a monthly pledge to the program; there is nothing you need to do now. As your pledge continues, please know it is sincerely appreciated. If you would like to help, please fill out the consumer authorization form and return it with your next bill payment. Should you choose to begin a monthly contribution at this time, just pledge your monthly donation to the program and that amount will be automatically added to your monthly electric bill. Even just one dollar a month pledge will help others! If you prefer, you can make a one-time or periodic contribution. Simply enclose a check with the Consumer Authorization Form. You may also make your contribution part of a matching fund, if there is one established.


Click here to find the Consumer Authorization Form and return it with your next bill payment.