Resources & Tools

Solar PV Energy Guide, Iowa Energy Center: Considering installing solar at your home? Check out this comprehensive Solar PV Energy Guide, published by the Iowa Energy Center. It covers everything from how it works, getting started, site assessments, designing the array, sizing suggestions, calculating the system return on investment, and more!

Use Energy Wisely: Use this guide to create an awareness of how your lifestyle and daily habits affect your electric bill. Make this your first step to better energy management. 

Home Energy Saver: See where you can save energy in your home! This free, online energy audit is customized to your home, your climate, and your family needs!
Home Energy Savings Guide: Small changes can make a difference. See what you can do to save energy in your home.
Commercial Energy Savings Guide: How can you save energy and money in your business?
Questions to Ask When Replacing Your HVAC: Should I replace all of my equipment at the same time? What size system do I need? What type should I buy? Find answers to these questions and more!
Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use Use this interactive, adjustable tool to see how much energy your electronics and appliances use and how much they cost to run each year.